Top Myanmar Mountain Adventures

When visitors plan a holiday to Myanmar, they may think more about thousands of temples in Bagan, fascinating lake or Inle or impeccable regions of Mandalay with so many ancient capitals yet the country has more than that to offer. One of the most highlighted experiences in the country is probably mountain encounters – a perfect chance to spot the authentic local life and absorb in the country`s magnificent landscapes.
Our travel expert for Myanmar Tailor Made Tour suggests some of the best place to immerse in mountain adventures:

1. Putao, mountain of snow and rugged peaks
Nested in the far north area of Myanmar, Putao is home to Hkakabo Razi, the highest summit of Southeast. The national park covers this stunning area is a great hub for mountain trekking, biking and river rafting thanks to its diverse potential.
Putao remains one of the least visited areas in Asia, hence your experience is truly exclusive either it is a long trek into the wild of Putao national park or a safari through different ethnic villages.

2. Chin, mysterious mountain culture
Located about 4 hours driving far from Bagan world heritage site, Chin state and its remote mountains promise some of the most breathtaking trekking routes in Asia. While photographers are attracted by mystical sunrise, the main draw of Chin also come from its ethnic hill tribe : the tattoo faced ethnics.
It may take up from 3 to 5 days to reach the secluded hamlets where these tribe live but the trek is really rewarding.

  1. Kalaw, a fascinating mountain escape
    Kalaw is now mentioned in all travel guide books as a popular hiking point in Shan state. The town boasts the instinctive charm of British colonial architect then its surroundings are very photogenic.
    Any adventure in Putao affords tea plantations, hidden monasteries, bamboo forests and impressive Inle Lake panorama.
  2. Lashio, unknown mountain
    The easiest way to access Lashio is to get a Myanmar Visa and cross the Thailand border to enter the asia. Lashio has unique setting and not many tourist have reached area so far, giving it a chance to create original Burmese experience.
    For those who want to encounter the cascading waterfall, picturesque rice paddies and see friendly people of Myanmar, Lashio is simply a premier choice.

    5. Hsipaw, mountain with palace
    There are only few places in Myanmar that boasts regional history like Hsipaw. From Shan palace to the faded temples, monasteries, Hsipaw tells you the story of the last Shan princess and still offer a chance to delve into the regional`s spectacular by numerous trekking chances.
    Imagine a fun time meeting different ethnic minorities, crossing the scenic river of Dokhtawady then you are feeling the right rhythm of Hsipaw.