What you should take care of while booking for hotel

Travelling excites everyone but the procedure required to be done is sometime really confusing and troubling. Selecting a spot for destination is interesting where finding a hotel isn’t easy at all. To match up all preferences and costing, is a bit tricky and even you get hotel but eventually something came out as spoiler or the mistake. So it is better before you book the hotel to make sure that you have taken care of some essential points.

What you should do before booking of hotels:

  1. First understand your preferences: It will easy going at first when you narrow down your options which depends on various factors like budget and need or purpose.  The type of hotel you choose depends on the these factors like if you came alone for specific purpose just for 2-3 days,  you will not spend a lot of money as for five star or 4 star hotel unless you are not rich enough. Like with family or with your spouse, you will opt for best accommodation that you can get. For instance, You planned a trip for goa with your family or spouse , then of course you will be looking for 5 or 4 star hotels or resorts like heritage village club goa or phoenix park inn goa or any other alike hotel or resort not for budget hotels . So when you will be clear with your preferences, you can chose among those options, eliminating the rest.
  2. Check for the location: People often found their hotel in busy and noisy streets or some kind of unlikable surrounding when they come with family or alone. You may get hotel in the place where there is no sight to see or with no place of peaceful walking or accessible restaurants and required shops. It can be resolved if you check your hotel location before booking. It will be better if you track your hotel and nearby locations on Google map and best to check with street view in Google.
  3. Check for basics in hotel : There are some very basic  things to check like
    1. Breakfast/meal costs – you should get the cost of meals and breakfast from the hotel front desk or from hotel’s website to have basic idea of expenses.
    2. Parking : Check for availability of parking and also that how much they charge for it
    3. Airport Shuttle: check that if hotel has any kind of airport shuttle service which makes your travel from airport to hotel hassle free.
  4. Reviews: Do not miss to check hotel reviews in various travel reviewing websites and then decide to book for particular one.